Topland is pleased to be associated with Alexander Ashlin, who is nominated by ToplandPOD to be an Ambassador for People of Determination Products related to hearing impairment.

My name is Alexander Ashlin, I’m 17 years old and an innovation scholar student at Dwight School Dubai, raising awareness for disabilities across the UAE. I was born profoundly deaf and when I was 2 years old, this is when I had my first operation for a cochlear implant. I heard for the first time at the age of 3. Being profoundly deaf hasn’t held me back and I have attended mainstream schools in the UK, South Africa and Dubai.
However it hasn’t been easy being the only deaf student in school and personally experienced bullying, but I was determined not to change who I am. At the age of 16, I successfully passed UK GCSE’s and now I am studying for an IB Diploma and seeking to go to university to study Zoology as I have a passion for animals and the environment.
As part of my innovation scholarship, I set up this vision: Disability Awareness 4 Kids (DA4K) in 2019 with the mission of raising awareness for all disabilities across the UAE and encouraging kids to stand up to bullying. I want to help children of determination across the country by touring various schools and events across the Emirates with the hope of not only raising awareness but also opening their minds to all possibilities.
Topland – People Of Determination is providing amazing products that will make the lives of people with disabilities like deafness a lot easier. I am really pleased to be given the opportunity to support Topland and to promote the company’s products.

Alexander Ashlin
Student, Dwight School Dubai