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Innovative Assistive Technology
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We are one of the leading companies with extensive experience in the UAE in supplying speciality products for People of Determination. Our expertise was acquired over the years of operation in MENA markets and is supported by reliable supply sources and trustworthy customer base to meet the challenges of current business environment & needs.

We have a wide range of accessibility products that meet requirements of People of Determination and focus on removing the barriers in their day to day lives across diverse fields like communication, healthcare, rehabilitation & other services.

From Latest Technology Hearing Induction Loop Systems and Speech Transfer Systems to Agrippa – Smart Fire Alarm Listening Devices for deaf and hard of hearing. From fully accessible Changing Places Toilets to Self-Service Powered Wheelchair Charging Stations and Power Add-Ons for manual wheelchairs allowing more freedom and independence in movement along the beautiful sites of the UAE. From Access Matting to first in the world Floating Beach Wheelchair allowing easy access to the UAE beaches and swimming pools.

We are sourcing high quality accessibility products and innovative technology mainly from the UK and Europe and for most of our products, we are the exclusive distributor in the region, enabling us to offer competitive prices and excellent service.


Hearing Impairment

Hearing aids and cochlear implants are crucial for many people, however there are many other assistive products that can work with, or alongside, them to improve day to day life – from feeling safe at home or while travelling to listening to music and watching TV.

Hearing Loop Systems:
A hearing loop system provides with clearer sound with less interference and background noise. It works by sending out a magnetic wireless signal from a microphone near the sound source that’s picked up by cochlear implants or hearing aids when they’re set to the ‘T’ (Telecoil) setting. Using a hearing loop with the ‘T’ setting on hearing aids can be useful in all kinds of situations: in public places where you see the hearing loop symbol – ticketing offices, customer service / information desks, cashiers, tellers at the bank, check-in counters at the airports, theatres, universities, etc…or at home – to help you hear the TV or music.

Fire Alarm Monitoring Device:
Agrippa is a portable device which alerts the deaf and hard of hearing in an emergency. Agrippa continuously listens for the sound of a fire alarm and has a vibration pad and flashing LED light which wakes people upon the sound of the alarm.

Visual Alerting System for Hearing Impaired (Doorbells, Phones and More):
These wireless alerting systems convert acoustic signals, such as when the doorbell or telephone rings, into flashes of light or vibrating pulses. Wherever you are inside or outside the house, you can’t miss a signal. The transmission and reception equipment is ready to use immediately. There is no need for any elaborate cabling. Never miss another phone call again or visitor at your door!

Patented World’s First Non-Surgical Bone-Conduction Hearing Device:
Suitable for individuals with even 100% conductive hearing loss. HearNU device can be used by individuals with any level of Conductive Hearing Loss including microtia, anotia, and atresia. It can be also used by individuals with mixed hearing loss upto bone conduction threshold active up to 60 dBHL.


Hidden Disabilities

Yellow Sunflower on Green colour backgroundWhat is the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower?

The Sunflower is a globally recognised symbol for non-visible disabilities (also known as hidden disabilities or invisible disabilities). It has one simple purpose – choose to wear a Sunflower lanyard, badge or wristband, when it suits you, to let people around you know that you, or someone with you, has a non-visible disability and may need a helping hand, understanding, or just more time.

Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they’re not there.
Not all disabilities are visible – some are not immediately obvious. They include autism, chronic pain, and learning difficulties as well as mental health conditions, mobility, speech impairments, and sensory loss such as speech, sight loss, hearing loss, or deafness. They also include respiratory conditions as well as chronic conditions such as diabetes, chronic pain, and sleep disorders. Although you may not be able to see these invisible impairments and conditions, they’re still there.

People living with these disabilities often face barriers in their daily lives including a lack of understanding and negative attitudes. So some individuals choose to wear the Sunflower to discreetly identify that they may have access needs in shops, at work, on transport, or in public spaces.

Making the invisible visible.


Restricted Mobility

We have a wide range of innovative accessible products to make everyday life of People of Determination a little easier and even more fun. Our products help improve accessibility of public venues and homes, promoting independence, inclusivity and equality. In addition to fully equipped changing places toilets, powered toilet lift seats and height adjustable sinks, we offer unique power add-ons for manual wheelchairs, self-service powered wheelchair charging stations for indoor and outdoor applications and even invisible lifts for wheelchair users. We also offer first in the world floating beach wheelchair and accessible matting designed for people with reduced mobility.

Changing Places Facilities:
A fully accessible toilet facilities for people of determination who cannot use standard accessible toilets. This includes people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, as well as older people. Each changing places toilet provides an adult sized, height adjustable changing bench, a hoist and a peninsular (centrally placed) toilet.

Lift Seat Powered Toilet Seats:
Total toileting solution combines the award-winning Lift Seat with the award-winning Wash Bidet, providing a total toileting solution. Lift Seat’s sole focus is developing toileting solutions for people living with physical disabilities or impairments. Patented, award winning toilet lift delivers safe, reliable and comfortable sit to stand assistance for people who battle conditions that compromise their strength and need assistance getting on and off the toilet.

Carborun Manual Wheelchairs:
Carborun is an active and rigid wheelchair made of carbon fiber composite. Carborun wheelchairs have a sleek design that minimizes amount of material required to produce the wheelchair, thus reducing it’s weight. Although Carborun wheelchairs are very light, they are designed to be durable for the active user.

Powered Add-on for Manual Wheelchairs:
The EZRide+ is the newest wheelchair power assist attachment. It is a unique mobility aid that quickly adds power assistance to most manual wheelchairs, transforming them into independently driven units. The EZRide+ makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces with its 360-degree turning radiuscan travel approximately 19-24 km on a single charge.

Powered Wheelchair Charging Stations:
The key advantage to the charging station is to provide wheelchair riders with better accessibility and offering them a bit more power and assurance needed to reach their destination or to navigate the city freely. In addition, the charging stations help enhancing wheelchair reliability and drive range allowing users to go a further distance. Our wheelchair charging stations are compatible with all powered wheelchairs, have modern furniture design and are for indoor and outdoor applications.

Emergency Evacuation Solutions:
Evacuation Chairs for Stair Travel are designed for use in emergency situations, such as to escape fires, power failures, where almost anyone could need to be evacuated. Evacuation chairs allow descending, ascending and horizontal escapes with quick and easy operation.

Evacuation Mattresses and Mats are designed for use in premises where staircases or fire exits are too narrow to allow use of evacuation chairs or for evacuation of persons who are unconscious or immobile.

Mobi-Mat Accessible Beach Matting and Floating Beach Wheelchairs Mobi-chair & Trialo-2:
Beautiful, high quality Mobi-mat® with patented non-slip surface, UV and weather resistant even if exposed to temperatures from -40C to +80C, designed for beaches, fishing peers, picnic areas, parks, condos, hotels, coastal resorts to assist people with restricted mobility, walkers and elderly visitors or parents with strollers. Instantly improves accessibility and is perfect for all wheelchair users and those with special needs.

Floating Beach Wheelchairs are designed and manufactured in France and are designed to give the users the Ideal Outdoor Experience. With the floatable armrests and tires, Mobi-Chair and Tiralo-2 easily transport from the beach to the water! People with reduced mobility can now enjoy the beach, ocean, lake, water park & poolside. Enjoy the Water with Family and Friends!

SEATRAC – Innovative Beach Accessibility Technology:
SEATRAC provides unassisted sea access to people of determination with mobility restrictions. It is an innovative assistive solution that promotes independence, quality and wellness in everyday life. It encourages integration and inclusion of all members of society. It allows caretakers and families of people of determination to enjoy beach-going without physical challenge.

SeeUs – More Efficient & Accessible Public Transport:
SeeUs helps you to avoid leaving any waiting passengers behind. With its integrated LED lights and wireless communication, SeeUs informs approaching buses of passengers waiting as well as if boarding support is required thus increasing driver awareness and accessibility.

Writing Aids:
Writing aids are products designed to help individuals with limited hand strength perform writing tasks. Writing aids can transfer the fine motor pinch grip, usually used to write, to gross motor arm movements. For those that have difficulty bearing down with writing devices. Also can help reduce hand tremors.

Hotel Accessibility Kit:
Hotel Accessibility Kit is a cost effective solution for increasing accessibility in any room without disruption of permanent installation. The it contains equipment to make a room much easier to use. The equipment can be easily packed away after the stay, ready for the next guest.

Door Holders:
Fire door holders operate using a magnet, which holds the door open. In the event of a fire the magnet is released and the door closes. As fire doors should be kept closed to prevent fire or smoke spreading throughout a building, this can cause problems in buildings where there is a lot of movement of people e.g. education establishments, hotels, hospitals. Door holders help the venues to comply with the Equality Act 2010 with regard to the provision of disabled access.


Special Needs

Children with special educational needs can benefit from technological advances being made. Both AR and VR have been shown to increase motivation, facilitate interaction, develop cognitive skills, improve short-term memory, make lessons more enjoyable and enable their development of daily living skills.

The greatest effect lies in improving communication skills, especially in children with hearing problems. For autistic children, VR helps to facilitate social interaction.


Visual Impairment

While many daily tasks are still easier to accomplish for a person who can see clearly, there are a great deal of aids for the blind and visually impaired that are making it a bit easier to get things done without being able to see. The primary way for someone with no or diminished sight capacity to read text is through the use of Braille. This bumpy language was traditionally only used in books, but has recently been cropping up off the page as well, venturing as far as being included on specialized food products like hamburgers, city maps, ATM machines, handrails, etc… Tech products for the blind and visually impaired are also continually improving. As a result, a range of products have emerged that use cutting-edge technology, prioritizing intuitive functionality and considering social context.

We have extensive range of assistive products for the blind and visually impaired: from traditional braille books, walking canes to High-tech smart glasses for reading and perceiving the world.

WeWALK Smart Cane:
There are 253 million visually impaired people in the world and at least 50 million of them rely on the white cane, a simple tool primarily designed to provide ground-level obstacle detection. By equipping the white cane with modern technology, WeWALK improves the safety and independence of the visually impaired, allowing them full and equal participation in everyday life. WeWALK’s ergonomic attachment fits on top of any white cane and, using its inbuilt sensors, touchpad, and voice interface.

The Canute 360, The World’s First Multiline (9 Lines), Refreshable Braille E-reader :
For professionals, home readers and college students Canute can drastically increase the availability of Braille material. It reads all pre-formatted Braille Ready Files (BRF) and Portable Embosser Files (PEF), meaning you can read texts from Bookshare, the RNIB Library or any other Braille library in the world.

NaviLens Smart Codes: Help People with Sight Loss Get Access to Information They Need
NaviLens has been designed specifically to enable blind and partially sighted people to be able to access and locate information and interact with the environment around them. The users can download free NaviLens App, scan the codes with the mobile camera and get necessary guidance and information.

Tactile Signage and Way Finding:
Moving independently and safely is essential for a better and full life for the blind and visually impaired. One important way of gaining independence is undoubtedly information. Blind and visually impaired people who have difficulty entering an unknown space need precise and immediate information that is able to represent the place where they are and the services that it may offer. Our tactile paths, signs and maps provide solutions for making blind and visually impaired people as independent and safe as possible in their movements, whether at work or at leisure.

RNIB Assistive Technology:
We have partnered with Royal National Institute of Blind People of the UK to be able to offer full range of their assistive products for blind and partially sighted people in the MENA region: from braille and labelling to reading assist devices and audio books, from symbol and guiding canes and adaptive mobility devices to board games and puzzles to special magnification and speech software. All that can assist blind and partially sighted people to live independently and enjoy everyday activities.

Bonocle Assistive Device:
Bonocle’s is an assistive device for the visually impaired that allows them to interpret the contents of any electronic device through the medium of braille. It does so while being both portable, powerful and, cost effective. This is unprecedented, since many from the visually impaired community lacked adequate access to digital content mainly due to the extremely expensive currently available braille technologies. Bonocle also has an API that will allow developers to expand its usability by creating custom applications for Bonocle and the visually impaired community.

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