Empowering People of Determination


What We Do

Topland is a registered LLC Company that was established in 2012 and is strategically located in Dubai, UAE to service its large client base across MENA region. Topland is a dynamic and growing company with extensive experience in supplying Products that assist People of Determination to be equal, acquired over the years of operations in MENA market and is supported by reliable supply sources & trustworthy customer base to meet the challenges of current business environment & needs.

Accessible Environment for People of Determination, based on Universal Design Code, is in line with the wider ‘My Community – A City for Everyone’ initiative to transform UAE into a disabled-friendly location by 2020. An accessible environment is a key part of an inclusive society and public buildings, recreation places, transport facilities, etc… must become accessible for people with all abilities.

Topland has a wide range of products that can help to enhance the life of People of Determination and remove the barriers in their day to day lives across diverse fields like communication, healthcare, rehabilitation, and other services.

Induction loops are a mandatory requirement under the Dubai Universal Design code, Read More


Working Together

We offer an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, on-site training, installation, and solid, quality execution every time.


Why Choose Us

We are closely working with Private and Public Sectors within MENA region. Over the years, we have established an extensive clientele base and we are continuously working on developing and bringing on board new prospects. With Dubai’s strategical location it has now become a central hub for all logistics movements around the Globe. We have developed its cross border procedures to meet all these logistics requirements. We have exclusive arrangements in MENA region with the suppliers for the specific products. Contact us today and bring our extensive experience to your next project.

Latest News 

22nd November 2020

We proudly announce that Topland has been awarded:

Best Client-Focused Trading Company – UAE!
by MEA Business Awards 2020

We will continue our dedication to customer service and a commitment to promoting excellence.


19th November 2020

Topland leads the way to assist the venues becoming People of Determination friendly and compliant with Dubai Universal Design Code.

Marks and Spenser The Dubai Mall in association with Topland becomes the first retail outlet to have under the counter loops installed at their service counters to assist deaf and hard of hearing customers.

Topland supplied and installed latest technology under the counter loops from well known UK brand Contacta at the pay counters of the M&S Cafe and Clothing Section.

Further outlets will follow shortly.

Hearing Induction Loop


– TEDxOudMetha is a community that hosts independent TED-like events and showcase speakers and experts of various industries and walks of life, to present great, well-formed ideas in under 18 minutes. TEDxOudMetha took place in Dubai on 15th of February 2020 and it was first fully accessible TEDx event ever. As a main partner for Accessibility and one of the sponsors of TEDx OudMetha event, Topland has provided Large Area Induction Loops from Contacta that ensured the main venue hall of more than 100 square meters and outdoor entertainment area of more than 120 square meters were accessible for people with hearing impairment.

TEDxOudMetha event’s venue – Ismaili Centre was designed by renowned architects Rami El Dahan and Soheir Farid of El Dahan & Farid Engineering Consultants from Cairo, Egypt. The Centre facilitates the promotion of cultural, educational and social programmes from the broadest non-denominational perspectives and aims to foster mutual respect and understanding both within the Ummah and across society at large. To protect the architectural integrity of Ismaili Centre but at the same time, to make sure all visitors had full access to all participating areas of TEDx OudMetha event, Topland has provided custom made portable ramps for wheelchair users.


Topland participated in recent AccessAbilities Expo 2019 taken place in Dubai and has already confirmed to participate in the next year event due to overwhelming success and support from the visitors and event organisers. 

Topland participated in Beach Blast Event organised by Team Angel Wolf along with Fairmont The Palm Hotel in Dubai.

This is a fortnight event that brings communities together and allows children with all abilities to enjoy beach activities. Due to overwhelming positive response, we are looking to expand the event into other Emirates.

Topland is pleased to be associated with Alexander Ashlin, who is nominated by ToplandPOD to be an Ambassador for People of Determination Products related to hearing impairment.

My name is Alexander Ashlin, I’m 17 years old and an innovation scholar student at Dwight School Dubai, raising awareness for disabilities across the UAE. I was born profoundly deaf and when I was 2 years old, this is when I had my first operation for a cochlear implant. I heard for the first time at the age of 3. Being profoundly deaf hasn’t held me back and I have attended mainstream schools in the UK, South Africa and Dubai.
However it hasn’t been easy being the only deaf student in school and personally experienced bullying, but I was determined not to change who I am. At the age of 16, I successfully passed UK GCSE’s and now I am studying for an IB Diploma and seeking to go to university to study Zoology as I have a passion for animals and the environment.
As part of my innovation scholarship, I set up this vision: Disability Awareness 4 Kids (DA4K) in 2019 with the mission of raising awareness for all disabilities across the UAE and encouraging kids to stand up to bullying. I want to help children of determination across the country by touring various schools and events across the Emirates with the hope of not only raising awareness but also opening their minds to all possibilities.
Topland – People Of Determination is providing amazing products that will make the lives of people with disabilities like deafness a lot easier. I am really pleased to be given the opportunity to support Topland and to promote the company’s products.

Alexander Ashlin

Student , Dwight School Dubai

Our Products:

Hearing Induction Loops

1 to 1 Hearing Induction Loops are used in a variety of environments such as bank counters, ticket offices and supermarket checkouts. They assist in situations where conversation between two people takes place and can be either fixed or portable.

Integrated Hearing Loops are used in systems such as ticket machines, door entry intercoms and supermarket checkouts. They allow self-service counters, help points and a variety of automated machines to provide audio instruction to those with hearing loss.

Large Area Hearing Loops are installed in settings where a large number of people can benefit from a superior listening experience, such as theatres, classrooms and conference centres.



SENTIBoard – First in The World

SENTIBoard is a unique sound board with no equivalent product available in the market. Sentire translated from Italian means: Feel, Hear, Sense . The SENTIBoard has been designed and developed specifically for UAE to assist in becoming the People of Determination Center of the World.

SENTIBoard principle of work:

Q: Can hard of hearing people feel sound waves?

A: As long as they can feel vibrations they can feel the rhythm of music and enjoy music just like hearing people.

“The perception of the musical vibrations by the hard of hearing is likely every bit as real as the equivalent sounds, since they are ultimately processed in the same part of the brain”


Deafgard (Fire Alert for Deaf & Hard of Hearing) | DMS (Digital Messaging Service)

Deafgard is a portable device which alerts people in an emergency. Designed for hard of hearing and people with hearing impairment, Deafgard has a vibration pad and flashing light which wakes people up on the sound of the alarm. 

DMS is a mass notification system for deaf/hard of hearing that can send emergency text, email, Whatsapp or voice messages to an unlimited amount of users who are subscribed to the service. This could be used for pre-alarm notifications and evacuation alerts

WaterWheels® | AccessMat®

WaterWheels® is a beach floating wheelchair which enables people with disabilities to access soft terrains and enjoy bathing pleasure. Thanks to its floating armrests and three wheels, users can safely float in calm waters.

AccessMat® –  is a lightweight and durable 100% polyester roll out matting system (Recyclable) specifically developed to create a permanent or temporary route for individuals of all abilities (pedestrians and wheelchair users). AccessMat® is quick to install and remove. It enables you to easily create a safe and comfortable pathway, visible to all. Available in different widths and lengths that are connectable.

AngelEye – First in the World Smart Glasses to assist visually impaired to perceive the world

AngelEye Smart Reader redefines the possibilities of reading with the cutting-edge computer vision and artificial intelligence technology, which converts text information into voice. It assists visually impaired people from different age groups in reading books and recognise money banknotes. AngelEye Smart Reader is equipped with the patent-protected text detection and OCR technologies to help users to capture and read the text easily and accurately. 

AngelEye Smart Glasses is the first World’s Smart Glasses to assist people with visual impairment in perceiving the world and travelling safely by converting visual information into auditory information                     


Lift Seat – World’s Leading range of powered toilet lifts that allow disabled people to toilet independently or with reduced care

Lift Seat has full range of powered toilet lifts to cater for all range of disabilities. Lift Seat delivers safe reliable and comfortable assistance to people who battle conditions that compromise their strength and need assistance getting on and off the toilet.

The Diaco® Dental Chair

The Diaco dental chair is a fully mobile dental platform designed specifically for wheelchair patients. The patient remains in their own wheelchair at all times, eliminating manual handling and hoisting, whilst enabling the optimal angle for dental care treatment for both patient and clinical team.

Unique key features:

The diaco® dental chair accepts all mass manufactured electric and manual wheelchairs up to a Safe Working Load of 1100lbs/500kgs – independently verified.

The diaco® dental chair is completely manual handling free when being moved around the operatory/surgery, simply plug in the joystick and move.

The diaco® dental chair reclines all the way past 45 degree to 75 degree allowing the correct flat head position for the patient and the correct seated working position for the dental team.

The Bariatric Dental Chair

The Bariatric dental chair is a fully functional dental chair suitable for all patient groups up to 1000lbs / 454kgs allowing large, overweight, obese and bariatric patients to be safely treated on the same dental chair as all other patients.

Designed for all aspects of general dentistry as well as oral and maxillofacial surgery the bariatric dental chair features not only a Safe Working Load of 1000lbs / 454kgs but also:

  • Low start height of just 16″ (44cms) with a maximum height of 38″ (96cms)
  • Fully functional armrests and headrest
  • Trendelenburg position
  • Foot and hand controls
  • Child booster seat
  • No ground fixing required

..Aveso Changing Places

Changing Places – Changing Lives  Changing Places are life changing facilities for people with profound and multiple disabilities who are unable to use a standard WC or accessible toilet.

Changing Places toilets are designed to support the disabled community and provide access to public toilet facilities that meet more complex needs. Without these vital facilities, carers are forced to change loved ones on the floor or be confined to their own homes.

Standalone Changing Places Solution – Modular Changing Places Toilet Pods.

The Wheelchair Charging Station

The Wheelchair Charging Stations are to make the maximum contribution in improving of lives of orthopedic disabled people to have more independence, freedom and ability to socialize.

Modern, stylish city furniture design; Reliable charging upto 3 times faster; Embodies programmable Smart Charging Kit; Wheelchair Charging Stations are equipped with Amphenol charge connector, resistant to deformation.

Tactile Signage & Wayfinding 

Moving independently and safely is essential for a better and full life for blind and visually impaired people. One important way of gaining independence is undoubtedly information. Blind or visually impaired people who have difficulty entering an unknown space need precise and immediate information that is able to represent the place where they are and the services that it may offer.

Tactile Signage products are designed to make blind or visually impaired people as independent and safe as possible in their movements, whether at work or at leisure.
To get everybody think “accessible”, not only overcoming architectural barriers but also cultural barriers to make the world around us safer, more welcoming and inclusive for everyone.

Sesame – The Invisible Lift

Freedom to go wherever you dare.

The original Sesame lift offers unrivalled wheelchair access to any building. Feel liberated. All the Sesame lift systems are made bespoke so typically any limitation the building presents can be overcome. Sesame lifts are perfect for Listed Buildings and Iconic Properties where beautifully finished, high quality, reliable but invisible wheelchair lifts are required to protect the architectural integrity of the building.

SquareGlow Home Alert Kit for Deaf or Hard of Hearing People

With the SquareGlow Home Alert kit you will never miss a phone call, package at the door, or visitor again. The Home Alert kit will let you know when someone rings your doorbell or calls you on a video or voice landline.

Immersive Reality…..What is It?

An Immersive Reality space is a special place where anything can be accomplished – learning, simulation, relaxation, in fact almost anything. Immersive reality has shown to help children and adults with autism to overcome their situation-specific anxieties, fears and phobias that help dealing with real life situations.

Assistive Technology Products for Visually Impaired – See Differently

Creating a world where eye health and sight loss is understood and everyone can live their life with confidence and be a part of inclusive society

Eco Friendly Innovative & Integrated Solutions for Electric Mobility offering Accessibility to All

emoby is the world’s first system designed and developed in Italy for automated sharing and charging mobility scooter or wheelchair fleets for indoor & outdoor applications. emoby is a smart solution for innovative mobility services for people with reduced mobility or tendency to fatigue wherever long pedestrian journeys are involved such as:

Urban Areas | Shopping Malls & Supermarkets | Amusement parks | Museums, Tourist Destinations | Fairgrounds | Hospitals & Clinics | Hotels | Airports.

emoby MULTI Ecomobility System is Certified Industry 4.0 and it is developed and manufactured in compliance with ISO 19001 and EN ISO 13485 company standards.

Cheelcare Companion – Innovative Power Assist for Manual Wheelchairs

Exceed your reach with this innovative Cheelcare Power Add-on for Manual Wheelchairs.  Innovative mechanics and futuristic design Cheelcare’s Power Add-on for Manual Wheelchairs improves user’s independence and comfort while promoting dignity and individuality.

Sleek Design based on 8″ wheel. Unique Quick-Release Connect & Disconnect Mechanism – Less than 10 seconds!

Maneuverability – Turns in place and easily steers through narrow places.

Compatibility – Compatible with most rigid manual wheelchairs. Fast and Easy installation. Do not compromise the integrity of the chair’s frame nor it interferes with the wheelchair’s breaks. 

Dubai Universal Design Code

Topland is working in Conjunction with Dubai Universal Design Code:

“Dubai Universal Design Code (clause 7.12 page 144) calls for major improvements in facilities for people with disabilities, including enhancement of Hearing Systems. A hearing enhancement system (such as an induction loop, FM or infrared) is required to communicate with hard of hearing persons and shall be provided in the following types of buildings: meeting rooms, auditoriums, service counters, theatres and concert halls. A hearing enhancement system enables sound signals to be transmitted to persons using hearing aids without interference from background noise or excessive reverberation level.

In all meeting rooms of over 25 people, in all assembly areas and at service counters, a hearing enhancement system shall be provided. Hearing enhancement systems that operate using induction loops, infrared and radio frequency are commonly used to provide enhanced level of sound. Expert advice should be sought when selecting a hearing enhancement system appropriate for the situation and purpose. Where hearing enhancement systems are provided for persons with hearing impairment, the international symbol of access for hearing loss shall be provided. Hearing enhancement systems are compatible with language translation systems. A sign should be posted indicating that the enhancement system is available”

Our Products:

Hearing Induction Loop

Our product range includes:

  • 1 to 1 Hearing Induction Loops: Under the Counter Loop System | Above the Counter Loop System |Portable Loop.
  • Large Area Loops: V7 | V15 | V15a Heariing Loop Drivers.
  • Infrared (IR): The Medium Area Infrared Transmitter with Modulator | Two-channel Large Area Infrared Transmitter with Modulator |  Portable Infrared Receiver
  • Passenger Vehicles Induction Loops suitable for taxis, busses, metro, trams, et.. 


Hearing Induction Loops

A hearing loop is an assistive listening technology that improves communication by enabling the user to hear the sound source directly, therefore reducing background noise. Users can participate in a hearing loop system through a hearing instrument such as a t-coil enabled hearing aid, cochlear implant, or loop listener.

Sound and/or speech is converted into an electromagnetic signal by a hearing loop amplifier. The electromagnetic signal is transmitted via the hearing loop wire or aerial. Users that are inside of the hearing loop wire or within close proximity of the aerial pick up the electromagnetic signal through the t-coil program in their hearing device. The sound and/or speech then gets transmitted directly into the users ear. This significantly reduces the effects of background noise.

Our product range makes hearing loop systems more accessible to the user, event, and community landscape. Hearing loops are custom, unique, and carefully designed at each venue where they are installed. The need for custom products is recognized with exclusive functions and features to meet the user’s needs and desire to hear in the settings in which they work, live, and socialize.




The SENTIBoard is a unique sound board

Benefits of SENTIBoard:

Equality – SENTIBoard can be used by everyone without highlighting that the user has a hearing impairment

Access – SENTIBoard can be accessed and used by many users at one time

Ease of Use – SENTIBoard is placed in a position and does not require any additional assistance

Design – SENTIBoard can be in desk, floor or wall style


Bespoke Design of SENTIBoard:

We will research, fact-find and develop your initial brief to help us create a SENTIBoard which will add value and be integral to your scheme.

We will work to understand your key themes, tones and style to ensure SENTIBoard design, fabrication and installation is integrated seamlessly with your overall projects, in terms of:

  • Face of the SENTIBoard
  • Surface material
  • Shape of the SENTIBoard
  • Size
  • Color scheme


Deafgard the Alarm for Deaf and Hard of Hearing 

Deafgard designed for the deaf and hard of hearing, Deafgard has a vibration pad and flashing light which wakes people up on the sound of the alarm. How Deafgard works: Deafgard’s vibration pad is placed underneath a pillow or mattress.

If the fire alarm sounds the pad vibrates, powerful lights on the Deafgard flash and the screen displays “FIRE”’. Deafgard is CE marked and tested to all applicable British and European standards such as EN 61000-6-1:2001.

Benefits of deafgard:

  • Portable device requiring no installation
  • Ensures you comply with elements of Equality Act 2010
  • Independence for the user
  • Peace of mind for family & friends
  • Alarm clock facility
  • Used in hotels all over the world


Digital Messaging Service – Emergency Alerts direct to mobile phone

DMS is a mass notification system that can send emergency text, email, Whatsapp or voice messages to an unlimited amount of users who are subscribed to the service. This could be used for pre-alarm notifications and evacuation alerts.

Users text a location code and will receive a reply confirming they are registered. The text will contain a link where users can choose an alert preference including text, email or voice.

When the alarm is activated the user will receive an emergency alert straight to their mobile phone.

DMS can be installed simply into all fire alarm systems, is CE marked and tested to all relevant British and European standards such as



SquareGlow – How it works…

System is made up of transmitting devices and receiving devices which can all be completely wireless. A doorbell/button transmitter and/or a phone line transmitter can be used to signal the receiver(s). The receiver(s) glow a custom color when signaled by the user’s chosen transmitter(s). One of fifty-two ringtones can also be used per transmitter signal to emit an unmistakable 120 decibel alert. All SquareGlow products are interchangeable so it can be personalized with endless possibilities.

Product Specifications…
Wireless range of up to 600 feet
Unlimited number of paired devices
Receivers can be battery operated or plugged in
7 customizable colors
52 ringtones up to 120 decibels
Waist belt clip & all SquareGlow products compatible
FCC regulated & approved
All SquareGlow Products have a 1 year warranty

SquareGlow is a versatile system that can be used to aid in communication and awareness in the home, office, school, vehicle, and anywhere life takes you. SquareGlow has helped thousands of people know what is going on in their home and even gotten them back to work with ease. With SquareGlow, a phone call is never missed, a doorbell never goes unanswered, and person to person communication is made easy. The sleek, clean looking design of the receiver can be placed on a surface or mounted on the wall without being an eyesore. In addition, the Tap-It belt clip can be worn for even more of a mobile friendly alert with vibration too. Multiple types of transmitters can be used to signal the receiver(s) for several different alerts. With 7 customizable color choices, 52 different ringtones, and up to 120 decibels, an alert will not easily go unnoticed.

WaterWheels – Floating Beach Wheelchair | 100% Polyester Mat 

WaterWheels® is a floating beach wheelchair which enables people of all abilities to access soft terrains. Thanks to its floating armrests and oversized wheels, users can safely float in the water. People of Determination can now enjoy the beach, ocean, lakes, waterparks & pools with the reliability & comfort of WaterWheels®. WaterWheels® is composed of 6 different parts: the frame, 2 armrests and 3 big wheels, and is easily assembled and disassembled in less than a minute without any tools!

WaterWheels® is perfect for all wheelchair users and those with special needs.

  • Height x Length x Width: 119 x 162 x 107cm
  • Weight : 27 Kg
  • Maximum weight capacity : 135 Kg
  • Minimum weight capacity : 25 Kg

The WaterWheels® front fork, manufactured of stainless steel, and our frame made of aluminum, are designed to absorb the shocks of rough terrains while withstanding the weight of its passenger for repeated use.

Our wider backrest, which is made from UV and water resistant fabric, is designed to provide superior comfort while sun bathing and floating. WaterWheels® user must be buckled up in the chair and escorted by an able-bodied adult at all times, whether or not in the water. Users should wear a life jacket while in the water. WaterWheels® should NEVER be used without proper supervision. The yellow floating armrests are easily visible to the lifeguards giving piece of mind to users.

AccessMat® is a lightweight and durable 100% recycled polyester roll out matting system specifically developed to create temporary routes for individuals of all abilities (pedestrians and wheelchair users) on difficult terrains. AccessMat® is quick to install and remove.It enables you to easily create a safe and comfortable pathway, visible to all, comfortable surface for barefoot users, no risk of fraying, doesn’t retain sand

Available in different widths and lengths that are connectable.

  • Color : Blue or Brown
  • Weight : 2kg/m2
  • Width : 1m – 1,53m or 1,83m
  • Length : On request

AngelEye Smart Glasses 

AngelEye Smart Reader is a wearable intelligent device based on advanced artificial intelligence technology to assist people with visual fatigue, weak vision and visually impairment in reading books, newspapers, emails, Whatsapps, etc..

AngelEye Smart Reader Features:

  • Point Gesture – recognises the text above the finger
  • Layout Analysis – puts all phrases and expressions in a correct order
  • Intelligent Interaction – adjusts sloping or vague works
  • Background Filtering – reading experience optimisation
  • Offline – enjoy everywhere!
  • Pause Whenever Necessary – pause or continue at any time
  • Multi-Language | Low Power Processor | High Resolution Camera – 13 mil pixels
  • Recognition Time – 4 seconds
  • Accuracy – 99%
  • Warranty – 2 years

AngelEye Smart Glasses – the first world wearable device which assists visual impaired people in perceiving the world and travelling safely by converting visual information into auditory information.

AngelEye Smart Glasses Features: 

  • Object Detection – recognises the objects and reports obstacle position by different warning tones and voice in real time (e.g. Door ahead 2 meters) 
  • Money Recognition – reports the amount of denominations (supports currencies such as USD | EURO | JPY | CNY, etc..)
  • OCR – assists read text 
  • Colour Recognition – enhances object information 
  • Light Recognition – light in current environment 
  • Size – 185mm x 160mm x 50mm
  • Battery – 6-8 hours 
  • Weight – 100g  

The Tactile Signage & Wayfinding


We provide a wide range of products and services to enable blind and visually impaired people to move independently and travel safe.
Tactile maps – is a simple and realistic scale depiction of an area that can be used by everyone for orientation. The map shows the main useful points of reference for users (for example the information desk, the various desk services, the waiting area, stairs and elevators, the restroom, the emergency exits, etc.) and the modular tactile ground floor pathway that is normally accompanied by the map and that enables the person with a visual impairment to be accompanied as far as the chosen service.
A map can be made of different materials as long as they enable a sufficient accurate machining so that the raised information is perfectly readable for visually impaired people exploring the map with their hands (e.g. aluminum but excellent results can also be obtained using acrylic materials).
Tactile signs – Unlike the tactile map, which provides a plan view and raised information, the tactile signs provide raised information without a plan view. The braille needs to be flawless for the tactile signs just as for the tactile map. That way, the hands of the blind person can explore it easily and the strongly contrasting colors enable it to be read by partially sighted people.The tactile signs can be used in many ways, for example: at service counters open to the public, to indicate the service on offer; at bus stops, to show the stops along the route; in towns, to show the names of streets or describe monuments and important tourist attractions; in stations next to elevators to show floors, along platforms to show the track number and the exit direction, in the passenger building to show the Sala Blu (room for people with impaired mobility); in airports to permit calls for assistance; in museums to illustrate works of art; in parks to indicate a plant or tell the story of the evolution of the plants; in hotels and on ships, to identify the numbers on the doors of rooms and on the key labels; in banks, to provide instructions on how to use the ATM.
Tactile paths – provide blind and visually impaired people with secure directions for their journeys, both in open spaces and inside public buildings such as, for example, train stations or subways, airports, banks, hospitals, post offices or sports stadiums.
Tactile paths enable people with visual impairments to reach their chosen destination after consulting the tactile map: tactile maps and paths have to be coordinated because maps provide information about the services in the area and the paths enable people to reach the chosen services. Tactile paths must consist of modular elements providing recognizable standard codes. The blind person receives the information about orientation and direction by using the foot sole’s tactile sense and his or her white stick; partially sighted people also use their residual vision, then receive the information thanks to the existing color contrast between the path and the surrounding paving. The geometry is based on 2 or 3 code systems: HAZARD: code to indicate a hazard, a staircase, a platform at the station. DIRECTIONAL: code to indicate a direction. POSITIONAL: code to indicate a change of direction.



RNIB Assistive Technology Products for Visually Impaired

Technology: Rading and music | Phones and tablets | Note taking and embossers | Computers | Batteries
Connect with the people and content that matter most to you with the widest range of accessible technology. Discover the audio, magnification and braille tools that enable blind and partially sighted people to work, learn and relax. Whether you want to make a video call to mum, download an audio book or deliver that big presentation, our technology helps make it happen.
Magnification: Optical Magnifiers | Electronic Magnifiers | Computer Magnification | Mirrors and Lights
Before buying a magnifier it’s important to know the magnification strength you require and what you’ll be using it for. For example, a pocket magnifier is ideal for spot reading labels and price tags, whereas a stand magnifier is suitable for longer periods of reading. When using a traditional, non-electronic handheld optical magnifier the lens should be held close to the eye and the object should be brought into focus by moving it towards the lens.
Reading: Reading Devices | Audio Books | Braille Books & Magazines
Whether you’re reading for pleasure or studying, there’s something for you in our range of audiobooks, DAISY players and accessible learning resources. There are more than 100 books available to buy on DAISY CD, with more being added all the time – and if you haven’t yet discovered DAISY, choose from a range of players to enjoy the best audio reading experience around. Help is at hand in the classroom with our learning tools, from talking calculators to writing frames, with resources for younger braille learners and creative little hands!
Home & Leisure: Sewing and DIY | Puzzles | Board games | Card games and dominoes | Sports | Canes | Large Print Stationery | Braille & Tactile Stationery
If you’re looking for practical ideas to keep on track with a busy schedule, our range of large print stationery and talking, easy-to-see and tactile watches might be the answer. When it’s time to unwind, relax with a good talking book or tune into your favourite radio station, tackle a large print crossword puzzle, bake a delicious cake or play a game with your friends and family. Take care of yourself at home and on the move with our health and mobility solutions. From GPS navigation to help you find your way around to glasses which alert you to obstacles, we can help you to get out and about with confidence.

Lift Seat – Powered Seat-To-Stand and Vertical Toilet Lifts

  • Lowers you from a standing position
  • Raises you back up
  • Safely use the toilet on your own
  • An easy-to-use, two-button controller
  • Operate over your own toilet – works over any toilet and guaranteed to fit your toilet space
  • Reduces the risk of falls and injuries
  • No installation, ground fixing or assembly required
  • Rechargeable battery and mains power options

Lift Seat Home / Home Plus (SWL 23ST / 145kgs – SWL 32ST – 205kgs) – Natural sit-to-stand movement.

Client Groups that can accommodate the bodies natural sit-to-stand movement

Lift Seat Vertica / Vertica Plus (SWL 23ST / 145kgs – SWL 32ST / 205kgs) – Vertical up and down movement.

Client Group that require to lock their knees prior to safely weight bearing muscular dystrophy – inclusion body myositis – motor neurone desease (MND).


The Bariatric Dental Chair

The Bariatric dental chair is a dental chair suitable for all patient groups up to 1000lbs / 454kgs, allowing large, overweight, obese and bariatric patients to be safely treated on the same dental chair as all other patients.

Technical Specifications:

  • UL 60601 and CE certified, FDA 510k approved, fire safety rated CAL 117 and CAL 133, MET Labs compliant, ADA compliant for medical examinations
  • Protected by design right and by granted and in force US Patents, UK & Australian Patents with additional patents pending
  • 110v – 240v 50/60HZ single phase


The Diaco® Dental Chair 

  • The diaco® dental chair will accept all mass manufactured electric and manual wheelchairs allowing access for all types of disabilities regardless of weight or size
  • Eliminates all manual handling, lifting and hoisting of patients making a safer environment for the clinical team and a more dignified experience for the wheelchair patient
  • Allows the patient to remain in the safety and comfort of their own wheelchair with no requirement for assistance
  • Allows the correct working position ensuring that the patient is able to receive the best possible oral care
  • No works to surgery required, can simply be wheeled away when not being used
  • Reduces clinical risk and lessens patient trauma
  • Safe, simple and easy to use

Technical Specification: 

Unit Dimensions 1285mm x 905mm
Unit Weight 200kgs
Safe Working Load (SWL) 500kgs


Changing Places – Changing Lives 


The facilities provide more than the standard ‘Doc M’ disabled toilets. Offering more space and additional equipment ensuring there is room for a powered wheelchair or multiple carers to easily help the user.

An overview of the equipment expected in these facilities include: 

  • Full room covering Ceiling Hoist system
  • Height adjustable Changing Table/Bench
  • Showering facility (optional)
  • Peninsular toilet
  • Privacy Screen or Curtain to allow some privacy
  • A Safe & Clean environment
  • Wide tear-off paper roll to cover the bench
  • A large waste bin for disposable pads „
  • A non-slip floor


Almost 1 in 5 people have a disability and ensuring we provide suitable toilet facilities are vital to help create equality in our society.

Many make the conscious decision not to visit somewhere if they feel they do not have a clean, suitable environment to toilet.

Without these facilities people with disabilities and their families cannot take part in activities that most of us take for granted.

The Ultimate Standalone Changing Places Solution

What are Modular Changing Places?

Pre-fabricated Changing Places are delivered and lifted into position on-site as a complete unit. This minimises disruption to any existing buildings, whilst accelerating build times and improving quality control.

Each unit provides 12sqm of internal floor space, a minimum internal ceiling height of 2.4m and premium equipment throughout. Additional features, such as roof lanterns and internal feature walls, are used to further enhance user experience.

Aesthetics can be tailored both inside and out. The external shell can be clad in materials to compliment your existing buildings or environment, plus we provide a wide range of internal colours and finishes.

All Changing Places Smartpods come complete, ready fitted with all the equipment required to meet Changing Places and BS8300-2:2018 standards, with a compliant layout and design, removing all the hassles from your planning:

  • Full room covering A2B Ceiling Hoist
  • Wall mounted CTX Changing Table
  • ABW Height Adjustable Basin
  • Peninsular Toilet
  • All specified ancillary items

Why Choose a Changing Places Pod?

  • Changing Places Pods look stunning and can be modified to fit into your environment, or can be branded to form a cohesive part of your infrastructure.
  • They are quick and easy to install, with none of the mess and inconvenience involved with weeks of building works.
  • Full turnkey option from design to installation.
  • Rigorously tested equipment for complete peace of mind.
  • Changing Places Pods have a 10 year structural warranty* and 35+ years life expectancy.
  • Future-proof – if you ever need to relocate your business, your modular Changing Place Pod can travel with you.
  • High-usage – In contrast to many internal adaptations, our standalone facilities are highly visible. As a result, they get used more and help to attract new customers.

* terms & conditions apply and excluding equipment

The Wheelchair Charging Stations

Different models are available with Mono or Dual screen options.

Ecomodel Model Mono Screen/Presige Model Dual Screen/Mall Model Dual Screen/Techno Model Mono Screen/Digital Signage Model/ATM Mode/Bus Station Model/Decathlon Model.

Prestige Model K010 – Dual Screen technical specifications:

  • RGB LED Information Board: 96×144 cm
  • 21.5 inch LCD Monitor with 6mm tempered protective glass
  • Touchscreen (operates under rain, dust)
  • Waterproof & Dustproof
  • KSS System Management Software
  • Wireless
  • 3 Wheelchair Charging Terminals and 3 Amphenol Charging Kits
  • Retractable Cord
  • 1 Fault Current Relay
  • 1 System Protection Fuse
  • 1 Current Regulator System
  • 3 24V quick charge rectifier (Designed specially for power wheelchairs not to damage wheelchair batteries)
  • 3 Yellow-Red-Green LED indicator (showing the level of charge)
  • Sound System
  • Private Labeling
  • Electrostatic Powder Paint Polyester based
  • 220 V for use in Indoor & Outdoor Environment


Sesame Invisible Lifts

Sesame’s bespoke lifts have been approved by English Heritage and Heritage Scotland into many historic buildings across the UK. The  invisible wheelchair lifts blend perfectly into the building’s architecture and therefore protects the integrity of iconic buildings.

Sesame lifts fully comply with British Standards BS6440:2011 and are also CE marked, which is a key indicator of a product’s compliance with EU legislation. Sesame lifts also comply with the Machinery Directive (2006/EC) including relevant harmonized standards, for example EN81-41. Sesame’s bespoke platform lifts also comply to the strict German Technischer Überwachungsverein (TUV) standards.

All bespoke lifts are designed specifically for each building and are hand made by talented engineers. Sesame’s World Class Design Team have an obsession for innovation and design and they are at the cutting edge of what’s possible for disabled access solutions, for any person has the freedom to access any building, without barriers.  

MULTI Ecomobility System

MULTI Ecomobility station is the only rental and charging station in the world that performs adaptive charging and selective release:
(a) recharging any mobility scooter or wheelchair of 24/36/48 V also wireless by induction;
(b) performing autonomously the battery management of each scooter, no employee has to charge scooters
(c) releasing autonomously the scooters to authorized users, no employee has to deliver scooters;
(d) releasing always the scooter with the most electric charge and the one that meets the minimum duration required by the user, no employee has to select the scooters.
MULTI Ecomobility Station is efficient due to it’s fast recharging cycle: about 3.5 hours as compared with average 6-8 hours needed to recharge mobility scooters.
MULTI Ecomobility Station can be customized: it can be built in linear, side by side or wall configurations, for plug&socket recharging or inductive.
MULTI is Zero Emissions. CO2 emissions generated by the energy supply to the station are automatically off-sett with carbon credits certified by Asja-CO2 RINA.

EMOBY’S NEW Launch is W-ALL the innovative concept that allows to recharge mobility scooters or wheelchairs simply being near to a wall.
W-ALL has many applications such as:
— FRONTAL: the mobility scooter of the fleet approaches the wall from the front in the space indicated and automatically becomes eletronic locked, available only for authorized users through App.
— BY SIDE: the mobility scooter or electric wheelchair approaches the side of the wall. Particularly suitable in hospitals for wheelchairs that are provided with an universal support, adjustable in inclination that allows perfect alignment thanks to a special guide. Again, the wheelchair is self-locked and can be taken only by authorized users/caregivers.

Emoby Scooter MH S04 City Tour
Emoby scooter City Tour is suitable for Outdoor & Indoor Use, ensuring comfort and independence due to 50 km of continuous use.
Emoby scooters are environmentally friendly. Emoby Systems works esclusively with LiFePO4 batteries that ensure 3000 recharge cycles, more than 5 times the average life of a lead acid battery used on most of mobility scooters due to cost.
Emoby scooters can be customized.
Featuring: Weight capacity 160 kg | Speed 4 – 8 km/h | Weight 70 kg | Electronic speed control | Electro mechanical brake | Motor 420 W | Autonomy referred to applied ECS up to 50 km | Equipped with special digital application, featuring a map of recommended and verified accessible routes on users’ smartphones.
Special Features: Key Electronic and Manual | Theft Protection | Georeference | Shopping bag |Back Advertising Support: 50cm x 70cm | Bumper black steel.

Immersive Reality

Immersive Reality provides all the benefits of VR without the feeling of isolation but with the huge addition of interacting with people. Immersive Reality allows for group participation so a scene can be enjoyed socially with the user peers and friends making it inclusive for all. Incredible immersive reality spaces provide an amazing way to learn through engaging experiences without a headset, making them 100% inclusive. Immersive Reality is a unique space where the walls and the floor are projected upon whilst the user interacts with enthralling content. Immersive Spaces feature bespoke content that can be used for many purposes including Learning (primary, secondary and special needs), Simulation, Relaxation, Distraction Therapy, Reminiscence and Life skills development. Immersive Reality allows the user to take full control of the space in a number of exciting ways including use of Xbox controller, IRiS Colour Selector, joystick and for those with special needs the award winning Xbox adaptive controller, and they are all wireless.

For the more able or energetic they can touch the walls and floor to interact with the content or move arms and legs to access the system through gesture control! There is an option also to add specialist wireless effects including interactive light, sound, wind, aroma, fog, snow and even a vibrating floor!

The Immersive Spaces really are unique, they are astonishing life changing spaces that are above all fun!

VR Without the Headset!

Immersive Spaces utilises HD quality projectors to project onto multiple walls and the floor to produce a stunning visual experience.

The user can control all aspects within the space in a variety of ways including touch and movement control, gesture control, wireless Xbox controller and the incredible Xbox Adaptive Controller created by Microsoft. The touch and movement control allow intuitive interaction often without any prompting required, the Xbox wireless controller brings a familiarity to a huge range of users and the Xbox Adaptive Controller allows those with limited movement or dexterity the opportunity to control the space.

Every Immersive Reality environment comes packed with specialised content created specifically for the particular use including Education (primary and secondary), Special Needs, and Autism Care. Bespoke simulation content is made to order.

We use stunning 360 video and images, high resolution images, game quality interaction and computer generated virtual reality scenes to produce content that inspires, educates, calms and excites people of all ages.

Utilising the latest CGI we create dynamic, interactive scenes that are as close to the real thing as possible! The use of this technology creates exceptional content that extends user engagement and gives an unsurpassed experience. Take a trip through the galaxy to learn about the solar system, swim underwater and interact with fish, walk through a meadow and play with the butterflies, board an underground train and learn how to navigate through tunnels and up an escalator, we have content to suit.


Cheelcare Companion

Cheelcare Companion – Innovative Power Assist for Manual Wheelchairs. 

Long range: 25 km and fast 3-hour charge

Safe: Amazingly stable, safe and secure

Smooth, Powerful & Fast: Comfortable ride on any occasion and place

Ease to lift to car: Portable solution for car, sea and air travel

Turning Radius: Handle angle range – 180 degrees

Speed: Three speed mode control – maximum 12km/h

Display: 2inch LCD display – battery charge status, trip distance and speed

Motor: 250W Hub motor with solid tire

Brakes: Powerful drum brakes

Battery: Lithium battery 36V 7.5A

Range: Up to 25km/16miles on full charge*

Power Switch: ON/OFF Power switch with two keys

Weight: Companion Unit 9.4kgs/20lbs**

Weight: Adaptor/Coupler 0.8kgs/1.8lbs

*Range measured in laboratory conditions: flat clean surface, no inclines, 100lbs dummy. Actual range might vary depending on road, incline and weather conditions.
**For Companion optimal performance, total combined wheelchair and user weight should not exceed 280lbs/130kgs.


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