Hearing Impairment 

Deafgard – Wireless Fire Alarm Monitor with Vibrating Pillow Pad for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Hearing Loop Systems

A hearing loop is an assistive listening technology that improves communication by enabling the user to hear the sound source directly, therefore reducing background noise. Users can participate in a hearing loop system through a hearing instrument such as a t-coil enabled hearing aid, cochlear implant, or loop listener. Sound and/or speech is converted into an electromagnetic signal by a hearing loop amplifier. The electromagnetic signal is transmitted via the hearing loop wire or aerial. Users that are inside of the hearing loop wire or within close proximity of the aerial pick up the electromagnetic signal through the t-coil program in their hearing device. The sound and/or speech then gets transmitted directly into the user’s ear. This significantly reduces the effects of background noise. Our product range makes hearing loop systems more accessible to the user, event, and community landscape. Hearing loops are custom, unique, and carefully designed at each venue where they are installed. The need for custom products is recognised with exclusive functions and features to meet the user’s needs and desire to hear in the settings in which they work, live, and socialise.

  • One-to-One Hearing Loops: Under & Above the Counter Loop Systems, Portable Loops, Room / TV Loop Systems
  • Large Area Hearing Induction Loops with powerful hearing loop drivers, also suitable to be installed in the elevators
  • Speech Transfer Systems / Window Intercoms, optionally can have built-in Hearing Induction Loops

One-to-One Hearing Loop Systems

1 to 1 hearing loops allow customers with hearing loss to freely engage with staff at counters or in situations where interaction between two people takes place. Enhance customer service with crystal clear sound and efficient management of power consumption.

IL-K200 Under the Counter Loop Systems provide clear communication with hearing aid wearers, especially where background noise is a problem or clear speech is restricted. It has a flexible, discreet hearing loop aerial that can be bent to shape, allowing it to be tailored to many different counters.

IL-K300 Above the Counter Loop Systems has a hearing loop aerial located within the signage, which is fixed to a counter, desk or glass surface to enable customers to easily identify the loop and get maximum benefit from it. The unit can be fitted into many positions due to its low profile structure.

IL-PL20-2 Portable Hearing Loop is a versatile solution, providing movable desktop assistance for your customers where a fixed loop cannot be installed. It can be moved between locations as required and is used for conversations between two people. The single control unit is constructed in robust ABS plastic and incorporates a microphone, amplifier, hearing loop aerial and rechargeable battery system.

LA240 Room/TV Hearing Loop System provides a practical solution for hearing aid users to more easily listen to their TV or Audio equipment via the “T” or “Loop” program of their hearing aid. With no direct connection between the user and TV or Audio equipment the user can move freely within the looped area and listen comfortably to a TV or audio equipment without the distractions of normal listening. The Loop System is used in conjunction with a hearing aid with a “T” or “Loop” program found on many ‘behind the ear’ or ‘in the ear’ hearing aids.

The Loop system picks up the sound from a TV via a direct connection or microphone and feeds it to the amplifier. The sound is then passed to a loop of wire around the listening area, which in turn transmits the sound inductively, “magnetic sound waves”, to a hearing aid with the loop facility. The user may then adjust the loop volume or tone to suit their hearing preference without affecting others. 

The Loop System is supplied with either Loop Cable or Loop Pad. Loop cable is placed around a room that you want to listen in. The sound can be heard anywhere inside the “looped” area and sometimes just outside the loop as well. A Loop Pad is an alternative to loop cable and is used to create a localised or portable system to avoid interference with other systems or where confidentiality is required. 

Small | Medium | Large Area Hearing Loop Systems

Discreet Small | Medium | Large area hearing loops provide music and speech with complete clarity to multiple hearing instrument wearers. Perfect for environments ranging in size from meetings rooms to sports arenas, we take into account the dimensions and makeup of every room to ensure the best listening experience for your customers.

V7 | V15 | V15A – Series Hearing Loop Drivers are highly efficient, compact and powerful hearing loop drivers with constant current, single or dual output, suitable for small and medium-sized facilities and venues. It has Class-D amplifier output stages and an audio subsystem built around an advanced DSP core. Combined with a powerful CPU to ensure peak performance, the drivers use cutting edge technology proven in the pro audio world to achieve life-like speech and first-class music reproduction.
V22a | V34 PRO | V34a PRO – highly efficient and powerful hearing loop drivers with constant current, single or dual output for perimeter or phased array loops. It is designed for medium-sized and large-sized facilities and venues. It has a Class-D amplifier output stage and an audio subsystem built around advanced digital systems including an ARM Cortex processor and dual DSPs. Combined with a powerful CPU to ensure peak performance, the drivers provide self-monitoring and email alerts, remote setup over local area networks, guided hearing loop setup to make installation simple, and excellent speech and music reproduction.
HLD5 is a compact, standalone, flexible dual output hearing loop driver with integral phase shifter for perimeter or phased array configuration, designed for smaller facilities and venues. It features a 100V input line for public announcement feeds. HLD7 is a modular hearing loop driver designed for medium sized facilities such as meeting rooms, lecture halls, places of worship and small theatres. A single HLD7 is used for perimeter configurations, while two HLD7s linked together provide phased array configurations. Efficient management of power enables the unit to be extremely compact. HLD9 is a modular hearing loop driver designed for large area applications such as theatres, conference facilities, sports arenas, concert halls and auditoriums. A single HLD9 is used for perimeter configurations, while two HLD9s linked together provide phased array configurations. As a Class-D driver, it uses power extremely efficiently, meaning that it emits very little heat. To make the experience of using it as simple as possible, the driver includes sophisticated communications capabilities enabling remote set-up and control of levels as well as system interrogation and performance monitoring.
PLALS-V – Portable Large Area Loop is an all-in-one fully portable hearing loop, ideal as a temporary solution or for use in multiple venues, for events, rooms where a permanent install is not achievable, travelling instructors or public speakers. It has a built-in hearing loop driver, a 2 channel receiver and an auxiliary input and features a compact case, efficient power utilisation, continuous self-testing, accurate, lockable, front panel mounted controls, padded pocket to house accessories.

Speech Transfer Systems | Window Intercoms with Integrated Hearing Loops 

Excellent Clarity of Sound | Inclusive Technology for Hearing Impaired | Hands-Free Operation & Easy to Sanitise Housing | Open Duplex Technology for Two-Way Conversation | Range of Sleek Designs to Suit Any Setting | High Quality & Performance. As customer-facing services worldwide install safety barriers between their staff and customers, communicating clearly across Glazed or Perspex screens, in a world impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, has become vital. Ensure staff and customers can speak freely through windows with our Speech Transfer Systems. The dual-way intercom systems are simple to install and deliver crystal clear hands free sound using Open Duplex technology. Open Duplex technology means the systems offer dual way and simultaneous communication, while in-built hearing loops offer clear sound to hearing aid wearers. They have a robust design and are easy to keep clean, enhancing audibility and safety through hygiene screens. With a wide range of designs, our systems enhance communication in any setting where screens or barriers are installed to control infection or for safety reasons.

Pod Speech Transfer Systems

STS-K070 Dual Speaker Pod System, featuring dual speaker pods | STS-K071 Speaker and Microphone Pod System, featuring speaker and microphone pods | STS-K072 Speaker Pod and Screen Mounted Microphone System, featuring staff-side speaker and microphone pods, provide high-quality sound across partitions and safety screens, can be either free-standing or surface mounted. Open duplex amplifier and mouse microphone are included. It is an affordable system suitable for environments with low ambient noise. Hearing Induction Loop – optional.




STS-K002L-(B/G)-01 Dual Surface Mounted System provides high-quality sound across partitions and safety screens. It provides dual speaker and microphone units for both customers and staff, open duplex amplifier, and a hearing loop. It is suitable for environments with low ambient noise. STS-K001L Bridge Bar System features the most popular combined speaker and microphone module in a bridge bar style. It also includes open duplex amplifier, a hearing loop, and a free-standing staff microphone and speaker unit. It is ideal for a variety of environments, whatever the ambient noise conditions. STS-K002L Surface Mounted System features individual speaker and microphone units for the customer-side. This system also includes open duplex amplifier, a hearing loop, and a free-standing staff microphone and speaker unit. It is suitable for quiet environments with lower ambient noise. For use in any situation where one to one communication takes place at a counter, booth or desk, for example: banks, post offices, supermarkets, ticket kiosks, information centres, airports.




STS-K003L Flush Mounted System features speakers that are mounted into the surface for a sleek look.It is suitable for quiet environments with little ambient noise. STS-K035 Curved Microphone System features individual speaker and microphone units for the customer-side. It is a low space solution ideal for a variety of environments with ambient noise. STS-K060 Slimline Bridge Bar System features a slimline stainless steel bridge bar unit with a screen-mounted microphone. It is a robust option ideal for a variety of environments with ambient noise. These Speech Transfer Systems also include flush open duplex amplifier, a hearing loop, and a free-standing staff microphone and speaker unit. For use in any situation where one to one communication is impaired by use of glass, a security screen or other similar barriers, for example: banks, post offices, supermarkets, ticket kiosks, information centres, airports.





Agrippa Acoustic Digital Vibrating Fire Alarm for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Agrippa Vibrating Pillow Fire Alarm is One of The Best Wireless, Portable and Cost-Effective Solution to cater for the safety of people who are deaf and hard of hearing. Simple but stylish, Agrippa Vibrating Fire Alarm will complement any interior design.

The Agrippa vibrating pillow fire alarm is a battery powered, wire-free unit with a pad attachment that simply goes under a pillow. It uses ‘listen and learn’ digital wire-free technology that listens for the unique sound of a specific fire alarm. If the fire alarm sounds the pillow pad vibrates, high intensity LED lights flash and an LCD screen displays ‘fire’. As it’s compact and portable it can be moved around a building as required.

Benefits of Agrippa Vibrating Pillow Fire Alarm

  • Portable device – battery powered and wire-free
  • ‘Listens and learns’ the sound of your fire alarm
  • No installation
  • Two preset trigger levels plus alarm learning function
  • Flashing red LED visual warning
  • Time display with alarm clock function
  • Uses standard AA batteries
  • Visual warning of low battery
  • LCD back light display
  • Stylish bedside design
  • Enables accommodation providers to meet requirements of the Equality Act

How It Works

1. The device is placed on the bedside table and pillow pad is placed under the pillow.

2. Using ‘Listen & Learn’ technology, the device learns the sound of the building’s fire alarm.

3. The Agrippa Pillow Fire Alarm recognizes the sound of the fire alarm and the pillow pad vibrates.

4. High Intensity LED lights will flash and the screen will display ‘FIRE’.

  • The Agrippa vibrating pillow fire alarm continuously listens for the sound of a fire alarm. The vibrating pad is placed under the users pillow. When Agrippa hears the fire alarm, the pillow pad vibrates, the high intensity LED lights flash and the display shows “FIRE”.
  • Agrippa acoustically triggered using advanced, digital sound recognition technology.
  • Preset fire alarm trigger levels of 70 dB and 75 dB, which is in line with fire safety standards, plus “listen and learn” capability.
  • Agrippa has an integrated alarm clock so is able to wake the guest at the time of their choosing.
  • Powered by standard AA batteries.

The Agrippa vibrating fire alarm is the convenient solution to cater for the safety of the deaf and hard of hearing as required by the Equality Act. Ideally suited to environments such as hotels and hospitals where it is essential to alert the deaf or hard of hearing when a fire alarm is sounding.



SENTIBoard is a unique sound board with no equivalent product available in the market. Sentire translated from Italian means: Feel, Hear, Sense . The SENTIBoard has been designed and developed specifically for UAE to assist in becoming the People of Determination Center of the World. SENTIBoard principle of work: Q: Can hard of hearing people feel sound waves? A: As long as they can feel vibrations they can feel the rhythm of music and enjoy music just like hearing people.

“The perception of the musical vibrations by the hard of hearing is likely every bit as real as the equivalent sounds, since they are ultimately processed in the same part of the brain”

Benefits of SENTIBoard

Equality: SENTIBoard can be used by everyone without highlighting that the user has a hearing impairment.
Accessibility: SENTIBoard can be accessed and used by many users at one time.
Ease of Use: SENTIBoard is placed in a position and does not require any additional assistance.
Design: SENTIBoard can be in desk, floor or wall style.
Bespoke Design of SENTIBoard: We will research, fact-find and develop your initial brief to help us create a SENTIBoard which will add value and be integral to your scheme. We will work to understand your key themes, tones and style to ensure SENTIBoard design, fabrication and installation is integrated seamlessly with your overall projects, in terms of:

  • Face of the SENTIBoard
  • Surface material
  • Shape of the SENTIBoard
  • Size
  • Color scheme

Visual Alert System (Doorbell, Phone and More) for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Greater independence for people with loss of hearing

These wireless alerting systems convert acoustic signals, such as when the doorbell or telephone rings, into flashes of light or vibrating pulses. Wherever you are inside or outside the house, you can’t miss a signal. The transmission and reception equipment is ready to use immediately. There is no need for any elaborate cabling.

Means of Transmission: RF transmission: The systems use radio frequency. No wiring is necessary between the transmitters and receivers. A digital coding is used when transmitting to enable interference-free operation without restrictions due to defined radio channels. For example, the operation of a large number of separate systems within a building is possible without any problems.
The transmission range can be up to 200 metres! The individual pairing of the devices with each other also provides a very high number of different transmission channels and it is almost impossible for the neighbour’s system to interfere with yours.

How Does an Alerting System Work? An alerting system consists of at least one transmitter and one receiver. The transmitter picks up signals from a variety of different sources – such as the telephone or the doorbell – and transmits them to the receiver. The receiver reproduces the transmitted information as light or vibrating pulses.

The Doorbell Visual Alert System is a flexible and expandable alerting system, easy to customise. It has a choice of 15 chime sounds with an adjustable volume of up to 90dB and a bright strobe light. The wireless alert system operates up to 200m from the bell push and the receiver has 8 different indicators meaning that you can be alerted to different events within the same room by adding different transmitters to the system.This system performs very well with a good loud sound, clear visual indication and bright strobe. The doorbell push that is included in this system can be used at either the front or back door, or works well as a personal call button.


  • Portable/wall mounted wireless chime unit with Bell Push
  • Range up to 200 metres from Bell Push
  • Choice of 15 CD quality ring tones and 8 Visual Icons
  • Strobe indicator for visual indication, ideal for the hard of hearing or loud environments
  • Ease of installation – no wiring required
  • Rotary volume control – > 90dB sound output
  • Battery operated or mains powered (Mains Power Supply available separately)
  • Pre-programmed Push to Ring and self-learning to avoid interference with neighbours ring tones
  • Easily extended to include additional Bell Pushes, Universal Sound Detectors, Smoke Alarm Transmitters and Telephone Ring Detectors

The Phone Visual Alert System is portable for use throughout the room(s) or can be wall mounted. The receiver has 8 different indicators meaning that it will alert to different events within the same room by adding different transmitters to the system. The receiver will alert by using very loud selectable ring tones (>90dB), a bright flashing light and also visual indication symbols. This system comes with a telephone transmitter, this telephone transmitter can be plugged into any telephone socket and when the phone rings it will send a wireless signal to the Visual Alert Receiver which will then indicate the telephone symbol, will ring like a very loud telephone and also flash.


  • Portable/wall mounted wireless Visual indicator unit
  • Telephone Transmitter
  • Choice of 8 CD quality ring tones and 8 Visual Icons
  • Strobe indicator for visual indication, ideal for the hard of hearing or loud environments
  • Ease of installation – no wiring required
  • Rotary volume control – > 90dB sound output
  • Battery operated or mains powered (Mains Power Supply available)
  • Easily extended to include additional transmitters such as Bell Pushes, Universal Sound Detectors, Smoke Alarm Transmitters and Telephone Ring Detectors

The Traveler Set provides hotels and holiday residences with economic possibility of furnishing the rooms or cabins to be used by guests with hearing impairment.

The Traveler Set is portable and secure. The devices from the Traveler Set do not require permanent installation, thus allow the liberty of furnishing the room or holiday accommodation for the required period only. If multiple Traveler Sets are used within the same building, each will transmit events on its own transmission channel – without interference.

The Traveler Set consists of the following transmitter & receiver components of the alerting system:

  • The Door Hanger shows visitors or service personnel that you do not want to be disturbed – or that they may ring the doorbell
  • The Wireless Call Button is your doorbell. It is equipped with a velcro backing so that it can be fixed to the door hanger in an instant. It transmits the ring signal to the alarm clock
  • The Receiver Alarm Clock is a convenient digital alarm clock and serves as a receiver for incoming calls and alerts. These are displayed through bright lights, illuminated icons and strong sounds
  • The Vibrating Pad: if preferred, wake-up calls and events can be felt by vibration – just connect the vibrating pad with the receiver alarm clock
  • The Alarm Monitor Alarmo: it scans the environmental sounds for tone patterns which are typical for smoke detectors and fire alarm systems of all kind. If it recognises an according alarm tone, a signal is sent to the receiver alarm clock.

The Visual Alert System Transmitters 

Alarmo Transmitter:

There is no need to replace your smoke alarm because alarmo can detect the alarm sounds from existing smoke alarms without the need for any modification or wiring. It incorporates a highly intelligent processor to listen just for a typical smoke alarm sounding and so is extremely good at not creating false alerts. When an independent alarm is detected alarmo transmits a radio signal to all receivers within range, which will then alert you to the event.

This Smoke Detector:

Works seamlessly with the Visual Indication system. It operates as a standard smoke alarm, but also sends a wireless signal to a Receiver so that a user may be alerted by Loud sounds, Visual indication and Vibrations.

The Alarm Clock:

Is the latest addition to the range of wireless alerting systems. It provides night time coverage and will alert you to any alerts in the home, it utilises intelligent digital technology, which offers a wide range of waking methods. A particularly powerful sound generator and the exceptionally bright row of flashing LED’s are built in by default. The Alarm Clock provides connectors for further alarm modules, for example a vibrating pad.


Patented World’s First Non-Surgical Bone-Conduction Hearing Device

For individuals with even 100% conductive hearing loss

Bone Conduction uses temporal bone to transmit sound. Temporal bone directly sends sound to cochlea bypassing eardrums and middle ears. Cochlea sends sounds to brain through auditory nerve and person is able to hear.

HearNU device is useful for individuals with any level of Conductive Hearing Loss including microtia, anotia, and atresia. These are the congenital conditions where physical ears are either underdeveloped or completely missing. In such condition there are only surgical options for hearing. HearNU devices are amazingly useful for individuals with these conditions.

It can be also used by individuals with mixed hearing loss upto bone conduction threshold active up to 60 dBHL.

Features and Specifications:

  • Programmable with 5 channels, it can be configured based on the audiogram for the best audio result. Device can be programmed with WeConfig App in mobile just in few steps. App has following Configurable features: 

    • Variable master gain

    • Separate programming for left and right ears

    • Option to tune 5 different bands

  • Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with smartphone, laptop, and Television. Connect with two device at same time
  • Qualcomm advanced sound processor for noise reduction and audio calibration
  • No feedback or whistling sound
  • Dual microphone for stereo sound awareness
  • Rechargeable battery that fully charges in 45 minutes with USB-C charging and gives a total listening time of 8 hours
    High-power transducers, a maximum gain of up to 80 dBHL
  • Different audio profiles for different situations
  • Volume control buttons
  • 33 Grams Lightweight design
  • IPX6 water and dust resistance

3 Years Brand Warranty 


    Contact Details

    Topland for People of Determination
    P.O. Box 214387
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    E-mail: Sales@topland.me