We are delighted and proud to announce that Topland is the Gold Winner at Customer Happiness Awards 2023 for the deployment of 2 amazing projects in the GCC for enhancing lives and supporting people of determination with hidden disabilities. In partnership with Hidden Disabilities Sunflower and Zayed Higher Organization we are providing a unique solution for people with hidden disabilities and for the businesses, companies, venues by making invisible – visible through implementation of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower programme and by offering a product that assists People of Determination with hidden disabilities and their families in their daily lives, provides unique opportunity for the companies to support and assist people with hidden disabilities and to aid in creating employment opportunities for People of Determination.

The Gold Awards in CHSA 2023 were granted to Topland in two categories Most Innovative Customer Happiness Initiative and Best Inclusive Customer Happiness Initiative. These awards recognise the Company’s commitment to and contributions toward establishing an inclusive, accessible environments and communities.

Big thank you to all our customers, suppliers and partners for the continuous support on our wonderful journey!