Case Study

Beach Access Matting and Floating Beach Wheelchair provide an accessible, inclusive, and a safe seaside experience for women

October 2021

– Case Description
Sharjah Ladies Club is a unique destination, providing a full complement of services including fitness, beauty treatments, hospitality and leisure pursuits. It provides women with a safe, luxurious and private space to relax, following Sharjah’s lead in women empowerment. The Club is considered one of the ultimate destinations comprising a variety of educational and recreational facilities, designed and dedicated for women and children, where luxury and recreation are perfectly intertwined. As part of the Club’s ongoing efforts in enhancing customer service and experiences with the aim of encouraging inclusivity, Sharjah Ladies Club was on the look for innovative accessible products to transform its beautiful beach side to an accessible place and to offer elderly women and visitors with disabilities a unique opportunity to swim in the sea.  

Project Summary

Sharjah Ladies Club has opted to install Blue Jay Mobi-Mat® Beach Access Mat™ manufactured in France by Deschamps. The Mobi-Mat® Beach Access Mat™ is a high quality, eco-friendly, non-slip accessible matting, UV & Saltwater resistant, which is perfect for Arabian Gulf seaside environment. The installation included 2 accessible paths and accessible resting space. UAE mid-summer sun and high tide of the Arabian Gulf were hindering the installation, but Topland expert team could hurdle over the nature obstacles and successfully completed the project. A 30m beach access matting was installed at the end of the beach access ramp, stretching across full width of sandy beach, and seamlessly connecting Club’s main recreation area with the seaside. The Mobi-Mat® Beach Access Mat™ was also extended into the water to allow women with disabilities and elderly women to enter and enjoy the sea in Mobi-chair® Floating Beach Wheelchair. 15m beach access matting was connected to main accessible path to allow access to beach kiosk and recreation. Accessible resting ‘island’ was arranged under the umbrella to ensure shady hide-away. Topland has also supplied a Mobi-Chair® – high quality floating beach wheelchair that enables easy beach access at Sharjah Ladies Club and ensures a safe swimming experience in a private environment. The floating beach wheelchair floats, thanks to its floating wheels and armrests. It is manufactured in France by Deschamps and meets the international standards of safety requirements.  

Project Highlights


Installation of 45m Mobi-Mat® Beach Access Mat™ 1.98m wide


Supply and Assembly of Mobi-Chair® Floating Beach Wheelchair


Staff Training


Sharjah Ladies Club has launched a new ‘Beach Floating Wheelchair’ service for elderly women and women with mobility restrictions. A first of its kind in the Emirate of Sharjah specifically catering for women, the service is set to accommodate members’ needs. Offering a floating wheelchair enables easy beach access and ensures a safe swimming experience in a private environment. Sharjah Ladies Club’s core mission is to provide world-class facilities and services, with a particular focus on creating an environment that offers female patrons a unique and high-quality experience in a modern setting – creating a haven of relaxation, empowerment, and well-being for all.

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